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Our Stallions

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Our buckskin stallion has some outstanding progeny on the ground now!  We are very proud to own - Im Chexs Image a Bueno Chex bred horse.

Yearly we are breeding with a direct son of Blueboy Quincy:  Docz Choctaw Sabre (red roan). He has proven with each foal crop to be producing offspring displaying the attributes that we focus on - maternal power, dispositions, and trainablity. 

Our stallions have been selected not only for their physical characteristics, and pedigrees, but for their great personalities. Each one of these guys has an exceptional temperament making them very easy for the entire family to work with. A quiet horse is imperative to our operation, as life is too short, and none of us are getting any younger.

We look forward to these stallions consistently producing:

  • Disposition
  • Confirmation
  • Ability
  • Color

Our breeding program revolves around a majority buckskin base of mares crossed back with the roan, and buckskin stallions.