2019 Foals

2019 Foals

Looking for your next prospect? Look no further!!

At Ace Of Clubs Quarter Horses our continual goal is to breed our vision of the versatile horse; strongly believing in horses with heart, intelligence, athletic ability, speed, and good size with looks to match. The founding philosophy behind our program is to produce horses that we like to ride; horses that can take the pressure of working all day in the pasture or in the arena! Crucial selection & breeding decisions are made knowing the importance of intelligence and heart in creating a successful performance horse.

Check the website and on facebook frequently for information, as our foals sell off the farm.

Don't see a particular foal you are looking for? Chances are it has already been sold, and taken off the page. Check in and we will do our best to help you with what you're looking for.

Ace of Clubs Quarter Horses foal information;
pictures, write ups, and birthdates for each foal can be found on:
Ace Of Clubs Quarter Horses facebook page.

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